Support to help individuals with disabilities, disabling conditions, seniors, and their families in finding and maintaining housing.
Three types of services: housing transition, sustaining, and consultation services.

Housing Consultation Services

  • Developing person-centered plans focused on housing needs, wants, and goals.
  • Assisting individuals in making informed choices regarding housing services.
  • Offering resources for non-housing goals.
  • Coordinating with other service providers.

Housing Transition Services

  • Assisting individuals in identifying preferred housing options.
  • Aiding in the housing search and application process.
  • Developing a budget.
  • Understanding lease agreements.

Housing Sustaining Services

  • Educating tenants on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Providing guidance to develop relationships with property
    managers and neighbors.
  • Training on being a responsible tenant and lease compliance.
  • Assisting with problem-solving to maintain housing stability.


  • Be on Medical Assistance (MA).
  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Have a documented disability or disabling condition.
  • Be assessed to require assistance resulting from the presence of a disability or a long-term or indefinite condition.
  • Be experiencing housing instability or housing distress.
  • At risk of homelessness.


People who need Housing stabilization Services (HSS) can self refer or be supported by a provider or case manager.
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