Housing With Services - Independent (HWS-I): The Housing With Services

Independent program is designed for eligible individuals seeking permanent housing.

  • Participants have the flexibility to choose their preferred scattered
    location across Hennepin County.
  • Program recipients may also qualify for services that promote housing stability, employment, or address their health needs.

Long Term Homelessness (LTH)

  • Referrals for the Long-Term Homeless program are received through Hennepin County’s Coordinated Entry for Single Adult Homeless.
  • Individuals accepted into the program will be placed in permanent housing of their choice at scattered locations throughout Hennepin County.
  • Program recipients may also be eligible for additional services to support their housing stability, employment, or health needs.


  • A program that assists low-income individuals with disabilities and older adults in obtaining and maintaining housing.
  • Provides financial support for housing and additional services related to housing stability, employment, or health needs.
  • Eligibility requirements include program eligibility, having an eligible Housing Support provider, and residing in an eligible housing location.

If you are interested in either the Long-Term Homeliness or Housing With
Services – Independent programs, please reach out to us for further information and to start the application process. We are committed to assisting individuals in finding secure and suitable housing solutions in Hennepin County.


People who need Housing Support – Group Residential Services (GRH) can self refer or be supported by a provider or case manager.
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